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Art at The Hugh

In addition to The Hugh’s amazing line-up of restaurants, and events, the space is enriched with a collection of art, murals, installations, and greenery.

Hemlines From Skylines

“Hemlines to Skylines is a tribute, a thank you, to the concrete and steel beauty we experience every day as New Yorkers. It is a reminder to stop looking at our cellphones and look up. It’s much more interesting. Embrace it!”

—SVA’s 3D Design Chair Kevin O’Callaghan (2014 Art Directors Hall of Fame inductee), co-curator. Hemlines From Skylines features designs by students from SVA’s BFA Design and BFA Interior Design: Built Environments programs. The inspiration for the show came from the infamous 1931 Beaux-Arts Ball where architects wore costumes that looked like the buildings they had designed. Some of those iconic buildings, such as the Empire State Building and our very own 601 Lexington, were the references for the designs in this show. Some students were inspired by more recent modern-day buildings or significant New York City institutions.

The sculptures are made of resin, fabric, a variety of metals and welded steel, stones, rope, grouted tiles, spoons, stained glass, and even Cheerios cereal! This installation was co-curated by SVA alumnus and 3D Design Chair Kevin O’Callaghan and BFA Interior Design: Built Environments Chair, Dr. Carol Bentel.


This Mural was created by a team of Youth Apprentices as part of a Creative Art Works Public Art Youth Employment program. This large abstract work was collaboratively designed and painted by eleven students from two special high schools. The first, Liberty High School for Newcomers, works with recent immigrants to America. The second, Innovations Diploma Plus High School, is a small, academically challenging, Transfer High School that offers students a second chance to earn a high school diploma and develop the skills needed for college & career success. The title of the mural makes an allusion to both The Hugh as an oasis in the middle of the city and a subtle reference to the young artists who have found a welcoming environment within this program.

Petra Cortright

Main Street

Petra Cortright adivinasas latina Blue Oyster Cult MP3s_Castlevania, 2020

Water Lillies

Yuko Shimizu

45 Degrees

What skyscraper in New York City has an angled top? Home to The Hugh, 601 Lexington strikes a unique silhouette in the New York skyline. The 45° angled top, modern and sleek, stands in contrast to the 1930’s pinnacle-topped buildings.

The tower was designed by Hugh Stubbins in 1977, along with Le Messurier Engineering Consultants, and Emory Roth & Sons.

The 45 DEGREE Exhibition is a tribute to Hugh Stubbin’s 45° top with product designs re-envisioned from the 70s by SVA’s 3D Design students. It was curated by SVA alumnus and 3D Design Chair Kevin O’Callaghan.

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